The group of companies MDC was founded in 1998 as a civil engineering holding involved in the design, overhaul and construction of roads, airfields, industrial and civil facilities.


Key businesses:

  • Private JSC "Stroitelnoe upravlenie #1" - airfields and motorways
  • Private JSC "Aerodromstroy" - airfields and motorways
  • Private JSC "MDC" -  civil engineering
  • Private JSC "NTPI TI" - design and R&D

The holding's branches and production facilities are located in Moscow, Domodedovo, Tambov, Kirov, Murmansk, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Perm and Magadan. For the execution of works in different regions of Russia and under challenging natural climatic conditions, not only do we have mobile construction divisions and special machinery at our disposal; we also boast our own research and development potential that includes a design institute as well as R&D labs. At the present time about 2,500 employees are involved in the projects of MDC Group.

Today MDC Group possesses 10 bitumen concrete plants and 5 cement concrete plants, 3 crushing and sorting units. Most of them are mobile and can be deployed in the immediate proximity of the construction project in no time. The holding's companies have a vast fleet of 2,000 motor transport and road-building units: black-top pavers and concrete spreaders, pavement profilers and cold recyclers, highwall-drilling machines and suchlike.

NTPI TI has all essential resources for design and survey works. At the disposal of the institute's experts are stationery experimental laboratories, total station instruments and level rulers, GPS, mobile road laboratories and bridge testing labs.

The yearly output exceeds 12bn rubles, with more than 80% of all works done without subcontracting.

The holding company has all necessary SRO permits for design, construction, overhaul works and civil engineering surveys, including highly hazardous works as well as ISO certificates of conformity: GOST R ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system), GOST R ISO 14001:2007 (ecology) and GOST R ISO 18001:2007 (labor protection management).


Our Projects

Construction and overhaul



  1. Domodedovo, Moscow region
  2. Koltsovo, Yekaterinburg
  3. Murmansk
  4. Sokol, Magadan
  5. Voronezh
  6. Elista, Republic of Kalmykia
  7. Pobedilovo, Kirov
  8. Roschino, Tyumen
  9. Omsk Central, Omsk
  10. Nizhnevartovsk
  11. Surgut
  12. Nefteyugansk
  13. Noyabrsk




Motorways of national significance:


  1. М-5 Urals, Chelyabinsk region
  2. М-5 Urals,  Penza region
  3. М-6 Caspian, Moscow region
  4. М-6 Caspian, Tambov region
  5. А-119 Vyatka, Kirov region
  6. М-38 Omsk - Cherlak - Kazakhstan border
  7. 1Р-242 Perm - Yekaterinburg
  8. 1Р-351 Yekaterinburg - Tyumen
  9. 1Р – 402 Tyumen - Omsk
  10. 1Р-404 Tyumen - Khanty-Mansiysk



Street and road grid in the cities of:


  1. Yaroslavl
  2. Dubna
  3. Omsk
  4. Tyumen
  5. Kirov
  6. Ishim



Civil industrial engineering

  1.  Development of 220,000 sq m in Neighborhood #2 of the residential area Tyumensky, Tyumen;
  2. Construction on 800 detached single-family homes in the cottage community of Komarovo, Tyumen, aggregate floor space 160,000 sq m;
  3. Renovation of railroad terminal in Tyumen;
  4. Development of a 100,000-sqm shopping and leisure center in Tyumen.


Design, development of specification documents

Motor roads

  1.  Justification of construction investments in the transport corridor "Urals Industrial - Urals Polar";
  2. Developing "The program of improvement and development of the street and road grid in the city of Tyumen till 2010 with a forecast till 2025";
  3. Development of the "Roads of Urals" program aimed at overhauling and de-bottlenecking of the road network in the Urals Region till 2025;
  4. Justification of investments in the development of the motorway corridor Tyumen - Surgut - Novy Urengoi (with a drive to the city of Nizhnevartovsk);
  5. Overhaul and construction projects for sections of the motor road M-8 "Kholmogory";
  6. Designing the overhaul of the street and road grid in the city of Yaroslavl;
  7. Project of motor road overhaul on the section "Station Sanatornaya - bridge crossing over the Zolotoi Rog (Golden Horn) Bay;
  8. Design of overhaul sections in the construction of motor roads M-5, M-6, 1P-242, 1P-351, 1P-402, 1P-404 and others;
  9. Design of the overhaul and construction on street-road grids in the cities: Dubna, Omsk, Tyumen, Kaluga, Ishim.



  1. Voronezh
  2. Koltsovo, Yekaterinburg
  3. Sokol, Magadan
  4. Kirov
  5. Murmansk
  6. Saratov
  7. Vladivostok